Open ViX 4.2.012

openvix: release 4.2.012
Merge branch 'Dev'
Reinstate "Create cacheEntry for PMTPID and display cached CAIDs (#500)"
Create cacheEntry for PMTPID and display cached CAIDs (#500)
[Translations] NL update.
openvix: developer
Revert previous commit.
openvix: developer
openvix: developer
[PluginComponent] Bugfix, restart required was not being honoured
atsc: add EIT support
atsc: avoid warning
atsc: delay parsing string segments till the value is requested
db: store source_id in unused 'service_number' field
Revert "decoder: use audio only on primary decoder if external pip mode not used (#487)"
[Satfinder] Add multitype tuner support
eit: simplify interface
atsc: add ExtendedChannelNameDescriptor support
atsc: add MultipleStringStructure
atsc: store source_id in eServiceReferenceDVB
atsc: fix VirtualChannel descriptor length
atsc: fix copy/paste error
dvbtime: provide a default for the system
dvb: set frontendparms for channels without frontend
dvbtime: check if parms is null before calling getSystem (#505)
servicedvb: do not try to record non pid values from cache (#504)
servicedvb: simplify access to eDVBDB getService (#503)
Add indication stream when use Source.StreamService
dvbtime: add ATSC STT support
scan: parse ATSC VCT
[ATSC] add definitions for ATSC specific sections and descriptors
[Satconfig/NimManager]  - move options "Force LNB Power"/"Force ToneBurst" to Satconfig - add new sat option "SCPC optimized search range" for dm7020hd -
doRecord: Always add our cached PIDS to recorded PIDS (#501)
[NextEpgInfo] Merged from PLi. Advatages: 1- Can save a lot of skin code by using just one widget for next/later/even-later. 2- The number of 'next-items' can be set in the skin 3- backwards compatible, so there is no need for skins to change anything.
[SoftwareUpdate/Plugins] Add a kernel identicality test. If kernel on STB does not match the kernel on the feeds do not allow download.
[Translations]NL update.