CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra 6 – Taking control of color is an essential component of creating a compelling video production and
part of the video editing workflow for all professional film makers. CyberLink ColorDirector is a post-production color grading solution
that helps you to get the very best out of your footage through smooth interoperability with PowerDirector, and fast and intuitive
optimization of tones and colors.

Advanced Color Grading for Professional-Looking Videos
• ColorDirector comes with a complete set of tools to correct white balance, adjust tonality, and enhance and stylize the colors within your
videos. All the professional tools you need to get your videos looking better—from fixing color problems to enhancing your videos
creatively and tastefully—can be found right on your desktop. And now with new support for UltraHD 4K files and a huge range of
popular video formats you can use ColorDirector to improve all the videos you take.

Create Dramatic HDR Video
• Now, for the first time, you can apply HDR to your videos to add more dynamic range to your scenes, bring out the detail and
highlight the best parts of your footage.
• HDR is perfect for landscape scenes where there’s a lot of contrast between the sky and the land and you want to capture the
sky’s detail without making the land look too dark, scenes of people in harsh sunlight where there can be too much bright glare
and dark shadows, and even low-light scenes where you need to brighten the foreground.

Track Any Moving Object
• ColorDirector’s intelligent motion tracking algoritm tracks motion by matching image data from a selected area in a frame to
image data in each succeeding frame. It allows you to quickly select or isolate objects, accurately track their movements and of
course change or enhance their color.

Emulate Favorite Film Styles
• If you’re looking to give your production a cinematic edge, there’s no quicker or easier way than applying a preset.
ColorDirector comes with a range of built-in, professionally designed presets that emulate well-known film looks, but you can also save any
adjustments you make to a video as a preset and use it again on future projects.

Make Precise and Subtle Curve Adjustments
• Manually setting the tonal values of the shadows, midtones, and highlights in a video is a great way to achieve exactly the look you’re after.
Adding bit more blue to the shadow areas while tinting the highlights to warmer tones and removing green from the midtones is where
RGB tonal curve adjustments can really be used to best effect.

Bring Out Detail in Low Light Videos
• It can be frustrating shooting video in low light conditions. The lack of light can suck the life out of your image,
leaving you with grainy, under saturated, low-contrast and muddy video footage.
ColorDirector features two new tools to help you to improve the videos you’ve shot in poor light by reducing noise artifacts and grain while at
the same time making the video look sharper without any amplification of noise.

Streamlined Color Grading for Faster Video Editing
• For an optimal video editing workflow and to cut down on your video editing time,
use PowerDirector to import and edit your raw video footage, launch ColorDirector directly from PowerDirector’s interface for color grading,
then send the footage back to PowerDirector for video rendering and production. And with the new 64-bit,
TrueVelocity 4-powered color grading engine, ColorDirector can handle even the highest quality 4K video files with ease.

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